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Masterclass - Max Maven "Deepest Toughts"

The great Max Maven lectures barely these days – and even less frequent in Germany.
So this might be the once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from this living legend. This deliberately composed workshop at Mind Summit 2017 includes a compressed but deep history of mentalism, discussion of stagecraft and theory, plus some routines including material that has never been published. The workshop obviously features time for the attendees to ask questions on virtually anything they wish to discuss.  

Masterclass - Looch

This exclusive master class covers Looch’s actual real world experience of performing. He will go into complete detail of his working repertoire for closeup mentalism. 

But there is even more! Not only for the first time Looch will teach his attendees detailed elements from his current stage and parlour shows. More than this he will cover how to generate the gigs and clients that he gets and what he does to get them recommending him to everyone to generate repeat bookings year after year. 

But there is still more in this unique master class: Looch will share importantly what NOT to do and how to avoid common mistakes that many people make when trying to build a successful performing career. He will cover many aspects of building a successful business in this modern technology driven world. 

Brain - Train Liveshow

Bist du bereit? Mit dem D-Zug durch deinen Kopf. Die Show der Meister-Gedankenleser. Ein Abend voller Erleuchtung. Und damit ist nicht das Saallicht gemeint!

Im Zuge des Weltkongresses der Mentalisten "MindSummit" versammeln sich die besten Gedankenleser der Welt in unserer schönen Domstadt. 

Erlebe einen Abend voller Staunen und schrägem Humor. Magie und Unerklärbares erwartet dich. 

Wir garantieren dir, nur die Gedanken zu lesen, die auch öffentlich gemacht werden dürfen. ;-) 

Wir wissen, dass DU dabei sein willst!


Die Show enthält Inhalte auf Deutsch und Englisch.

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